Dare2Wear, the cosiest place in town to get a piercing

Dare2Wear, the cosiest place in town to get a piercing

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For some, getting a piercing can be a pretty nerve wrecking experience. When you decide to willingly drill a piece of jewellery through your own skin for the sake of art and expressing your individuality you might want to do it in a safe, comfortable and cosy place. Dare2Wear, located in the Jordaan, is the place to be! I personally got my tragus pierced there after multiple friends recommended me to go there. I know the word tragus sounds a little perverted but I have to disappoint you, it’s a part of your ear.

Comfortable atmosphere

I know, a ‘cosy piercing shop’ sounds like something unlikely but it is possible. Because D2W is a small family business it has a lovely relaxed vibe. On top of that, the piercing artists have a special way of comforting those who are scared of needles, only as family can. I didn’t need comforting of course, because I’m bad-ass. There’s a reason for D2W’s name. For all the real dare devils modification is possible too, even though this doesn’t sound so cosy. You might know its sister tattoo shop too, Classic Ink & Mods. And in case you were wondering about scary infections, D2W is extremely hygienic, professional and has been approved by the GGD.

Multicultural jewellery collection

The owners of D2W are inspired by several different cultures. Therefore their jewellery collection is anything but conventional. If you’re looking for something more than that silver ring with a fake white little diamond, D2W is your kind of shop. Wearing one of their piercings will truly make you feel unique.


Where: Buiten Oranjestraat 15
Opening hours: Monday 13.00 – 19.00, Tuesday till Saturday 12.00 – 19.00, Sunday 13.00 – 18.00
Website: http://dare2wear.nl/

Photography by Andrea Huls

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