Groen als Gras are bringing Deetron, Oxia, Deutschmann and Heidi to Amsterdam

Groen als Gras are bringing Deetron, Oxia, Deutschmann and Heidi to Amsterdam

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Switzerland is probably not the first country you associate house music and massive parties with; snowy mountaintops, Milka cows and Swiss cheese were my first associations at least. This is about to change though! Groen als Gras is bringing over Swiss house superstar Deetron AND changing the Undercurrent into an Alpine heaven while they are at it. And don’t think that means visuals of some mountains and Boswandeling shots, it means an indoor festival from 2pm to 5am with a 600 m² dancefloor made out of grass. Nice.

Want to win €50 worth of booze tokens for this one? Attend the event on Facebook and send Heidi a message mentioning sent you. Two winners will be picked!

Deetron, Oxia & Oliver Deutschmann

The line-up consists of three remarkable headliners. First of all Deetron, the Swiss techno DJ and producer who produces warm techno with the soul of Detroit. He experienced a great revival last year due to his recent club anthems like Starblazer hitting major dance charts over the world. If you haven’t seen this guy yet, I can seriously recommend getting to know him better sooner than later. My guess is this guy will only become more exclusive in the coming years.

Another DJ and producer that has been around for a while is Oxia. This french man has been in the electronica game since the early nineties experiencing most subgenres within house music. After so many years of BPMs Oxia is still at the forefront of the international electronica scene, never losing sight of all influences he had along the way and keeping one strong element in his music, that is groove. I heard he’s been working on his second full-length album, which will hit the stores later this year. To get a better impression, have a listen to Oxia’s classic remix for Butch’s ‘On the line’.

Finally Berlin based dj/producer Oliver Deutschmann has made his mark in recent years by running and releasing on the imprints Falkplatz and Vidab and playing his long memorable sets at Panorama Bar/Berghain. Last year Deutschmann spent most of his weekends touring the world from Japan, across Germany and Europe, to the middle east reaching cities like Beirut and Tel Aviv, while playing festivals like Sonar and BerMuDa. Yet he never really got the opportunity to shine properly in our country. ‘T was about time somebody did so, thank you.

Of course, expect all the best from the support by local heroes Mike Ravelli & Miss Melera (3hrs set), Freddy Spool, Esther Duijn, Maarten Bloem, Jama, Daan Donk, Ferro, Corbadecobra & Bram Fidder.

Groen als gras: “De Alpenweide”
When: February 25th, 14:00-05:00
Where: Undercurrent, TT Vasumweg 93
Tickets: €22.50
More info: Facebook event
Line-up: Deetron (CH), Oxia (FR), Oliver Deutschmann (DE), Mike Ravelli & Miss Melera, Freddy Spool, Esther Duijn, Maarten Bloem, Jama, Daan Donk, Ferro, Corbadecobra, Bram Fidder

Groen als Gras: "De Alpenweide"

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