Risen from the ashes: Gallery La Raven

Risen from the ashes: Gallery La Raven

Feb 11, 2012 |  by  |  Art, Spots
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When I was recently cycling past the Herengracht my eye was drawn to a tragic sight: a building with a burnt down roof. At the same time I spotted lights and a beautiful chandelier on the inside. Curious as I am, this weird combination lured me into taking a look inside. It turned out to be a beautifully restored place. A new kind of gallery with several rooms where all sorts of things can take place. From art shows to network events to musical performances.

The building, a 17th century house with all the expected ornaments and aesthetics, was burnt down during new year’s night of 2008. Mark Janicello took it upon himself to turn this scorched building into something great again.


On February 11th a new show opens with the painter Peter Vaz Nunes, who paints portraits of people. At the same time Solomon Stroop will be showing some of his work; documentary style photographs of the fashion and celebrity scenes.

Go check out the vibe of the place. If you have your own performance or pieces of work you’d like to show, I’m sure the owner of the gallery is willing to listen and might be able to offer you a spot in this beautifully restored gallery on the Herengracht 132.

Gallery La Raven

When: February 11 – March 4
Where: Herengracht 132
Web: La Raven

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