Help is on the way for Valentine's Day!

Help is on the way for Valentine’s Day!

Feb 8, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Valentine’s Day… For some, the most exciting day of the year, for others it brings back more nightmares than the worst freaky horror film. Love it or hate it, avoiding it is probably not going to be an option. So why not make the most out of it?! For everybody who feels in-between and really doesn’t know what to come up with this year, here’s a short list of Valentine events.

Seal the deal

If you’re just in for something stupid but are afraid of regretting it the next day, then why not get married?! Wed and Walk offers you the dream marriage for only one day and luckily, the divorce is included in the price. Imagine yourself wearing a gorgeous suit or dress and standing in a beautiful church in the Jordaan (I know, you don’t even have to fly to Vegas!). The next day, all that is left will be the photos, a pair of plastic wedding rings and some memories for life. The organisations has suits, dresses and even bridesmaids for rent, takes care of the whole ceremony, and there will be a photographer to shoot romantic snapshots.

Where: Posthoonkerk, Jordaan
Tickets: €65

Romantic love songs

Couples that are less excited about getting married but are into a bit of romance and music can go to Paradiso. It will save you the trouble of finding a proper restaurant that is still available on Valentine’s Day. At Paradiso you and you partner can enjoy an intimate guitar concert with romantic love songs by The Secret Love Parade and probably some candlelight. Sounds like a plan?

Where: Paradiso
Tickets: €8


If any of this isn’t romantic and desirable enough for you and your date, then bring it up a notch with a ride trough Amsterdam by horse and carriage. Sit back and relax during the ride and if your date didn’t think of you as prince charming yet, she surely will after this! The only con for this option is that you might not want to get spotted by any of you friends, so make sure you wear your hooded jacket.

Where: Royal Palace, de Dam
Tickets: €35

Valentine haters

Getting a little sick of reading this article? You’re probably not the only one. But don’t worry, Valentine has some options for everybody who has been heartbroken, dumped or is secretly in love. Club Trouw is organizing a special ‘protest night against heartaches‘ for the romance-haters like you. Spinvis, Roel van Duijn and the Hospital Bombers will sing to you and make you forget how nice love can be. Between all the other protesters you might find your non-romantic Valentine as well, just when you weren’t looking…

Where: Club Trouw
Ticket: €10

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