Discuss the real value of culture at the Art as Money Festival

Discuss the real value of culture at the Art as Money Festival

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The Art as Money festival is an initiative by artist Dadara and Total in Support. In a time where the government uses billions to keep banks alive but at the same time cuts severely in the amount of money available for art, they think it is needed to have a discussion about the real value of both art and money. At the same time they want to show how artists can use alternative ways to generate funds to keep creating and following their dreams in these times.

Education and inspiration for all who care about art.

Speakers, workshops & a night symposium

The main programme is filled with speakers who are either very engaged with culture or have something new to say about creating art. Dadara himself is part of this part of the day, but also people like Isis van der Wel, Ernst-Jan Pfauth and Vincent Reinders. Next to them you can find a broad range of workshops by very diverse artists and a night symposium dedication to night culture. Read more about everything on offer on the Art as Money Festival website.

Art as Money Festival

Where: Club Trouw
When: February 9th 2012, 13.00 – 23.00
Tickets: €30 pre-sale, €20 early bird
More info: artasmoneyfestival.com

Feature image by Dadara and Daniel Icaza.

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