Dennis Diem and Said Mahrouf were worthy of closing Fashion Week

Dennis Diem and Said Mahrouf were worthy of closing Fashion Week

Jan 30, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion
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Today, at the grand finale of Amsterdam Fashion Week, one of my evil wishes came true; I saw a model fall on the runway. But then again, her heels were one of the highest and coolest I’ve ever seen, so besides malicious pleasure I felt sorry for her as well. The closing show of Fashion Week was presented by LM Flower Fashion and showed the collections of Said Mahrouf and Dennis Diem. Mahrouf’s collection was simple, elegant, classy, and flowing whereas Diem’s collection was edgy, dark, daring, and with killer heels.

Liquid silky elegance

Said Mahrouf studied fashion and design at the Rietveld academy. His collection consisted mainly out of white, green, and peach dresses and blouses that effortlessly drape over the body. Some dresses almost looked as if they were made out of flowing water. Even though the collection was beautiful, it wasn’t very innovative or memorable. I feel like I’ve seen clothes such as these before and they didn’t WOW me. Nevertheless, I did fall in love with one of his peach coloured blouses.

Power heels and leather

Dennis Diem however, did WOW me. His last collection, Fools Gold, was all about – big shocker – gold and featured corsets and ridiculously high heels. This all to empower and enhance the woman’s body. High heels can even change a woman’s aura, says Diem. This collection was black and white (except for three coloured pieces) and the extreme high heels were present yet again, as well as some corsets. Extreme shapes, a lot of skin, leather, different textures, translucent fabrics, and intense music took my breath away.

I can’t think of any occasion where I could actually wear Diem’s clothes, but I was so impressed with his collection that I just might create my own event so I could flaunt one of his pieces. Honestly, after seeing Diem’s show, I kind of forgot about Mahrouf’s. Except for that lovely blouse.

Photography by Manoah Biesheuvel

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