'La fille du rock' by Gestuz

‘La fille du rock’ by Gestuz

Jan 29, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion
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Sabrina (who is old as fuck) has more energy than a Duracell bunny, and uses it to dance in the newest clubs, eat too much junk food, play all the videogames, examine apps and shop - even though she has more than enough clothes. Sorry Earth.

Last night I was decked out in leather because I was going to the Gestuz show at Amsterdam Fashion Week. Having checked out the brand a bit I knew I would look the part in a sheer skirt and leather jacket. But the show kinda made me regret my decision since the leather pieces they showed were a lot prettier than what I was wearing. But let’s forget about that.

It made me wish I could pull off a pair of army boots underneath a dress

Leather soft as butter

The inspiration for the Danish brand’s collection was the work of photographer Kirsten Klein. A famous landscape photographer whose photos exude an earthy, natural feeling. How they related this to the prints used in the collection is pretty easy to see, and there is also a strong link to the colours of the clothing: olive green mixed with black, grey and other grizzled hues. The clothing was beautifully combined and it made me wish I could pull off a pair of army boots underneath a dress. Raw materials like leather, wool and cotton were used which was nice. The leather was soft as butter, skirts were covered in sequins and soft silk tops and dresses were worn without a bra. It was as if you stepped into ‘Le Baron‘ in Paris which is always packed with girls whose nail polish is chipped, black eye-shadow is smudged and can’t be bothered to wear any lipstick but still look like a million bucks.

Nature or rock ‘n roll?

The designer, Arina Woron, said that she would call the collection “minimal meets French rock ‘n roll”. This is exactly what I thought when I saw the collection, and that’s also why I was so surprised to hear about the aforementioned photographer. It just seems a contradiction to say your own collection is inspired by both nature and rock ‘n roll.

It was much more French chic rock than ‘earthy’. The way they combined fabrics, the clothing, the hair and make-up; it made me think of Isabel Marant who is undoubtedly the pioneer of French filles du rock. Maybe they were a bit inspired by her, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I can’t for the life of me afford the entire Isabel Marant collection but I can buy some beautiful pieces by Gestuz. Even though they didn’t show anything ground-breaking, they did make a lot of women in the audience eager to spend money, including myself. I think the label has a bright future if they develop a bit more of a signature style.

Photos by Faye Lui

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