Your guide to Fashion Week downtown part 2

Your guide to Fashion Week downtown part 2

Jan 28, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Fashion
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So, here you are! Its weekend! What to do, what to do? As I promised, I made a downtown schedule to make your Fashion Week weekend a memorable one. Get ready!

Cultuur Couture

After you finish a good coffee, start off your morning by heading to the Tropenmuseum for the exposition called ‘Cultuur Couture’. Three promising and very talented students of the Antwerp academy of  fine arts show their finest collections. The inspiration of each of the collections is a specific culture and an authentic costume of that culture. The three students all took it somewhere totally different. What’s so great about the exposition is not its size (it’s small, I mean really small) but the fact that it not only shows the pieces but also the sketchbook (my favourite part!), a video about the inspirational process and a video of the collection presentation. Your trip will be more than satisfying.


Somewhere in the middle of your schedule there is room for the Foam pop-up store. What can I say? It’s a candy-store to me! Next to my weird urge to collect cards their are nice little books with just text and the most gorgeous photography books, but also printed bags, notebooks and framed images like the ones of my ultimate style icon Chloe Sevigny. I had to leave quickly before I unconsciously ended up buying literally everything.

Ready to fish and ILJA

Afterwards it’s time for something that inspired me greatly: the Ready to fish and ILJA exhibition. In a gorgeous location -contrasting high white and bricked walls- a three days exhibition takes place. The ILJA (couture) collection has the mysterious name Hyperborea, a place from Greek mythology that is yet to be discovered. The fact that white mannequins and not models wear the pieces makes it even more mysterious and suits the theme perfectly.

The AW 12/13 collection ‘Wanderlust’ of Ready to fish is also exhibited. A strong desire to wander, explore and discover is translated in warm burgundy, mustard, grey tones and off course, as always, wonderful prints. You can take a sneek peek at the collection video here.

Saint Germain concept store

You will end your journey at the Saint Germain concept store, which opened its doors yesterdays. This unique concept boutique –how they describe it themselves- has the finest designer and vintage pieces and their store is also a gallery. Too bad you missed the trilling opening party (with a lovely DJ and Jameson cocktails!) but it’s not too late to visit! You can obsess over all the pretty things yourself, and I guess you will spend some time wanderering here…

Pictures by Tony Perez and Yeliz Cicek

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