The twenties according to Bravoure

The twenties according to Bravoure

Jan 28, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion
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Marlene Dietrich is back! The wave shapes –but far more modern- the high thin eyebrows, and warm orange tones; something very recognisable. The look had to be mentioned, it was wonderful. But lovely Marlene Dietrich was not the inspiration for the Bravoure collection, the 20’s were.

Think art deco prints, think jumpsuits, think flirty dresses. It was all there. I couldn’t choose one item even if I wanted to. Well, If I really could, I would no doubt choose something, but I really wanted it all. I would seriously be disappointed with just one piece because it were the combinations that made the collection to die for. The most striking combination was a chic black blouse with black flared trousers and an orange coat. OMG, that orange coat… Other colours in the collection were brown, ocher and off-white.

Bravoure did something to the 20’s that was new and refreshing. They aren’t the first to take this interesting era as their inspiration but they definitely made their own interpretation of it.

Photos by Sabrina Beek

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