Surreal and inspiring, Winde Rienstra

Surreal and inspiring, Winde Rienstra

Jan 28, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion
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Tala gets melancholic in the autumn – enjoys to wander around the city with a coffee to go and discover new places/boutiques/galleries – writes short stories and letters to random people – is in love with beautiful things – appreciates uniqueness, oddness and authenticity – works as a freelance writer – studies fashion and believes in possibilities in life.

After seeing Winde Rienstra‘s latest collection I have one comment: surreal! I liked the unconventional feel that made every piece special in its own way as much as it seemed unwearable in daily life. The models, living up to the challenge to return backstage without falling off their shoes, took careful steps to the gentle tune of the live harp music while wearing their beautifully, strange creations. Mini dresses made out of Concertina folded paper, Wooden cuirass worn over sheer dresses.

It takes courage to realize such a uniquely personal vision and this inspires me.

Origami 2.1

All the paperwork could best be described as origami 2.1. Even though any attempt to describe this fantasy falls flat, Winde has been able to turn it into reality. She saw this clearly in her head and as such, made it happen. I find her courage to realize her vision, so uniquely personal, awe-inspiring.

After the show I rushed backstage to meet the dreamy young woman that is clearly overwhelmed by what just occurred; a dazzling applause from the audience and journalists lining up to get a couple of minutes of her time. Her creations are a rendering of someone’s ‘spirit’, energetic self or essence. “Spirituality is important to me, I believe it helps to get me further in life. All materials are organic and friendly to nature”, a message projected on screen before the show started. Awareness is, in many aspects, important to her.

Even though I am not able to compare her collection to anything I have seen before, I still spotted a couple of ingredients that are right on trend for 2012: sheerness, graphics, odd proportions, Winde has it all.

Photos by Tony Perez and Sabrina Beek

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