Sage and Ivy and the mysterious muze of the light

Sage and Ivy and the mysterious muze of the light

Jan 28, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion
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There we were, out of the setting we are used to. Designer Alexa van Engelen of the label Sage and Ivy choose an antique mirror studio for her collection presentation. She chooses her locations carefully and always goes for the most special ones. The studio was located in an old building in Amsterdam. Many old mirrors adorned the old walls. It looked very Parisian. Subtle light and piano music completed the picture.


Pelgrimage, as the collection is called, was created with the warm tones of black, deep blue, off-white and nude colours. It reverses to “an almost spiritual search trough dark mysterious landscapes, in search of the deeper being of the woman”. I couldn’t describe it any better myself, it is exactly what she gave us.

The beginning of the catwalk was lighted by candles who represented ‘the light’. A strong woman’s voice told a story followed by dramatic piano sounds. Models did not walk across the catwalk, no, they floated towards the end of it.

The collection was very diverse in materials. There were smooth and almost leather looking fabrics but also wool and fur. Not only the fabrics varied though, the styles did too. A gorgeous tailored but very womanly suit in a nude tone came by and so did a leather looking dress that revealed a lot. It did not bother me at all that there was no strong connection between the pieces because every piece was new and surprising and asked for your full attention. The thing they had in common was that they were pieces that were made for a strong, beautiful woman. ‘A muze’ as they call it.

Photos by Sabrina Beek

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