ADO LES SCENTS by the Amsterdam based Hyun Yeu

ADO LES SCENTS by the Amsterdam based Hyun Yeu

Jan 27, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion
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“I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier”; The Killers blasted out of the speakers when the show ended. It suited the menswear collection Hyun Yue showed for fall/winter 12/13. To me it was a story well told, and this was the happy ending.

Fashionably masculine

Hyun was inspired by the book ‘1984’ by George Orwell; military uniforms from the old days,  and I must say he did a marvellous job. Details and craftsmanship, the truly handmade feeling, show beautifully in this collection. Double pleated blazers, tight cropped pants, white socks, matching army-style boots, trench coats and side parted hair to finish it off. Interestingly enough I  could picture myself wearing most items of this collection. Perhaps this says more about me then about his clothing being feminine. This is above all a collection for the kind of man who feels comfortable making a fashion statement.

The unmistakable style and meticulous cut stand out

When asking whether it’s his intention to create clothing that can be interpreted as following the androgen trend, he responded: “It’s not my intention, I simply follow through on the style I developed throughout the years”. Hyun has his office and atelier in Amsterdam and he enjoys this city a lot. If Amsterdam were a piece of clothing the word that pops-up immediately is denim. “People here love to wear denim, Amsterdam would be a good pair of jeans. We should develop more high fashion, we’ll get there someday I hope.” He comments as he rushes off to the rest of the crowd backstage. I agree and thank him for his contribution to a better dressed society.

Photos by Tony Perez.

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