A sit down with designer Anne de Grijff

A sit down with designer Anne de Grijff

Jan 27, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion
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At the Next & Cutting Edge show during the Modefabriek there is room for a lot of new talent. One of them is Anne de Grijff. My eye was immediately pulled to her collection because of its simplicity yet edginess and signature black looks. I’m not necessarily a person who wears black all the time but somehow I’m drawn to collections with lots of black in it. The collection popped against the all-white catwalk and background, resulting in pure perfection.

I had two ‘wow…’ moments during the show. One, when an amazing tailored coat stepped out for the crowd to see. The other, when a minimalistic leather jacket blew me away. It was love at first sight. I sat down with designer Anne de Grijff after the show and subjected her to my questions.

What was your inspiration for the collection?
“Actually it was colour. (She laughs). My collections are always really black so I wanted to do something else. I felt like I needed to do something new. I wanted to experiment a little more. That’s when I just started dipping black items in bleach and I stumbled upon the most amazing colour to go with the black collection. The colour that came out was a really warm fall tone, perfect to go with the collection.”

What is the collection about?
“It starts with going deeper into the materials. I created more depth behind a piece of clothing. The pieces have layers that can be peeled of. Under every layer there is something else, like a hidden colour. It is a story about what’s hidden under the black layers. With movement the layers become revealed and that’s what I wanted to create because people inspire me. They move constantly and I try to let the clothing move with them.”

Check out this inspiring video she created to showcase her collection.

What is your favourite piece of the collection?
“It’s the coat. (Of course the same one I was drooling over during the presentation) What you don’t know is that what makes the coat so special is the movement someone has to make to zip and unzip the coat. The zipper goes from one shoulder to the opposite leg.”

What is the best thing about being a designer?
“The one thing I love the most is that moment when you see your idea for a piece or a collection worked out and it’s exactly how you wanted it to be. That’s a true moment of inner happiness.”

I wanted to know where such a inspirational and creative person gets her inspiration from, so I asked how, where and what!

Most inspiring city? “Right now, Berlin.”
Most inspiring place?Café Nel. Lovely live music and jazz sounds.”
Most inspiring music? “Jazz music and music from the 70’s but also nice electronic music.”
Most inspiring person? “Mother, because she always has had her own unique style which she portrays anywhere and with the least amount of things.”
Most inspiring film? “Straight Story”

Photos by Sabrina Beek

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