This is the voicemail of Bas Kosters speaking...

This is the voicemail of Bas Kosters speaking…

Jan 26, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion, Photos
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He is known for his anti-fashion attitude, his wicked looks and loco outfits. But this fashionweek Kosters took it to the next level, yet again! Fashionably late and escorted by flaming flames, the man himself opened the night with a telephone tête-à-tête. After an intriguing confabulation, models bounced off the catwalk and entertained the crowd with their ostentatious looks. Energetic music was mixed together from Lady Gaga’s ‘telephone’ to Lionel Richies ‘Hello’.

Aladdin gone naughty

The 2012 phrophecy of Bas is Aladdin gone naughty. A modern ‘thousand-and-one-nights’ meets the information age. Tele-connecting with a Dragonball Z hairdo (Goku style) and Arabic bloomers. Models in motion are frozen by telephone interruptions, allowing the audience a more thorough peek of the apparel. A cushion telephone necklace, batwings and hair-lamp pedestals are eye-catching accesoires. Yellow big bird trousers, red latex leggings, and spaceman prints are just a few of many runway looks.

The main theme of the night is fringe combined with evil (lip) moustaches and circus act jackets. Fringe is incorporated in shirts, boots and (wait for it) sunglasses. The new Yasmine look is to hide your pretty face behind a curtain of fringe attached to some glasses for the sun. Red, yellow, green and sea-blue are re-occuring colours of the show. Beauté and Elle style award winner Valentijn de Hingh ends the show with a black and white buzz.

All in all it was a controversial fashionball. In my opinion the only missing element were midgets doing saltos in the background. Thanks Bas for an entertaining get-together! Untill the next one!

Pictures courtesy of Tamar Weenen:

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