Your guide to Fashion Week downtown

Your guide to Fashion Week downtown

Jan 23, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion
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Yes people, the fashion week madness has begun! But let’s be honest, most of us don’t receive a phone call from Bas Kosters or an invite on our doormat from Spijkers en Spijkers. Time to jump to other options: Friday the downtown programme of Amsterdam International Fashion Week started. Let me be your guide to the most worthy exhibitions, most greedy-making pop-up stores and the most fashionable places to eat, sip and hang-out. Stick with me and I’ll hook you up!


Take this week off from work because there are enough inspiring things to do downtown that are as much a part of Fashion Week as the uptown schedule. So even though you didn’t receive any invitation, your Fashion Week has started!

Charlie + Mary
Your first stop will be the Charlie + Mary concept store. Here the work of new talented fashion photographers is exhibited. The exhibition, Borders, is about the online world and the main character of the photographs is a ‘voyeur’. Modern and fresh is what I would call it.

Wardrobe #01 pop-up store
Next stop is the Wardrobe #01 pop-up store at Magna Plaza (2nd floor). This store is an eclectic mix of clothing, accessories and small ‘I want it’ stuff. Even my weird obsession with postcards –don’t ask– got satisfied because I found a goofy looking stack of cards. The clothing is the work of Dutch designers such as Bas Kosters, Mada van Gaans and Anne de Grijff.

Since you’re already in Magna Plaza, take a peek at the Bravoure studio in the corner. What a place and what a view. I would move in immediately if I could. Unfortunately, this place has already been taken by the lovely label Bravoure. It’s their inspiration place, studio and exhibition area all at once.

De Culinaire Werkplaats
After this busy schedule I’m sure you’ll be hungry, but eating will take place in a very sophisticated Fashion Week manner. At De Culinaire Werkplaats they have created a menu especially for Fashion Week called The Naturalist. Fashion trends are translated into dishes. Neo-romanticism, nesting, down-to-earth, ethnic chic, new landscape; they will all be arriving on your plate in a very inspiring and edible way. You can feel the love and creativity that’s put into all the fair food. It’s not just dinner, it’s an experience you can’t miss!

Fashion Week just got started, so stay tuned for more Fashion Week downtown and uptown news, and enjoy the circus that is called Amsterdam International Fashion Week!

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