Rediscover your childhood nerdiness at A Space Oddity

Rediscover your childhood nerdiness at A Space Oddity

Jan 19, 2012 |  by  |  Photos, Spots
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I’ve always been slightly fascinated with Star Wars fanatics and toy conventions for adults. Why are they always portrayed as ultimate super geeks? They are actually superheroes in their own right. I used to be a huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan, but I’ve never felt the urge to dress up as Michelangelo and meet up with the other turtle brothers to re-enact fight scenes. But, eventually, it all comes down to people being passionate about something. And they’re not really using lightsabers to cut each other’s heads off…right?

A Space Oddity

One store specialized in TV and film collection items is A Space Oddity. Located just on the edge of the 9 streets, it attracts a versatile crowd, and an even more versatile in-crowd. What all started out as a collection of robots, maxing out at 600 mechanical beings, has grown into a great place to lure around. “Every month we get a new pallet in from Japan packed with toys!”

In Japan they have the most awesome toys!

Owner Jef seems like a guy who’s always up for a chat about the good old days and how things got started. Up until three years ago he was travelling the world for years, convention to convention, collecting items along the way for in his shop. “In Japan they have the most awesome toys and the most delicious food!”

So, whether you’re a Star Wars fanatic, a Pokémon power nerd, a living version of Captain America or just want to remember what it was like to twist and turn every ‘body’ part of a Transformer; there’s a little bit of nostalgia for everyone lurking in the corners of this place.

Photos courtesy of Faye Lui

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