Individuals: The road to Amsterdam Fashion Week part five

Individuals: The road to Amsterdam Fashion Week part five

Jan 19, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion
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I’m Martijn, a 21-year old fashion student. A creative, sarcastic, vain guy who likes films and Scandinavian music. Who parties all the time, likes to eat pumpkin soup and to drink red wine with friends. Last but definitely not least, I always wear coloured socks!

Preparing for Amsterdam Fashion Week can be a pain, but one can only imagine what designers, branders and managers must be going through, preparing for a show. Well, not anymore. Martijn Nekoui, a brander at Individuals, is willing to give us a little sneak peek into the pre-fashion week madness. He will keep a weekly diary until the show, so be sure to check back for more news! Meet Martijn here.

One week left

Five months ago we (generation 12) started on Individuals. Twenty-three young creatives, full of inspiration, and ready to create a new Individuals collection. Twenty weeks later we’re just 7 days from presenting our new collection at Amsterdam Fashion Week. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. Everyone is feeling the pressure and the team is more than a little stressed; the clock is now our biggest enemy. At this stage we have more deadlines than we care for, but at the same time it is so satisfying to see what we have achieved in the last five months. But we’re not there just yet.

The clock is now our biggest enemy

Last week we reached our goal at Voor de Kunst. Many people supported us and donated money for our collection book. Thank you all for the support, we can finally make the what we have been dreaming about for months. It will be a fantastic, inspirational book with our vision on the ‘zeitgeist’, the world we live in and the fashion we love.

Individuals 2 the road to AFW part five

Our sales collection just got in from abroad and it looks even better than expected. We took it out of the boxes, styled it and let Marco van Rijt shoot them for our collection shoot. We put the photos in our collection book, just in time for the printing deadline. Our personal input, our vision on the ‘zeitgeist’, the great concept shoot by Petrovsky & Ramone and some text that explain our work will complete our book. It represents five months of hard work: from the very first sketch in week one to the very last tweaks to the garments.

Only seven days left and the clock keeps ticking!

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