Amsterdam's first dodgeball tournament for creative collectives

Amsterdam’s first dodgeball tournament for creative collectives

Jan 17, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Just another Sunday afternoon: waking up from a hangover, eating a clubsandwich, smoking a cigarette, taking a stroll through the park, updating my social media, looking for some new music, smoking another cigarette and.. checking out a dodgeball tournament followed by an all-star afterparty at Undercurrent. The teams on show are formed by our favourite creative collectives, so I’m expecting some (creative) action.

Trash one another on court, collaborate off court

I was just as surprised as you to hear that a dodgeball tournament will be held right here in Amsterdam. And what better way to spend your Sunday afternoon then watch all these creative bloggers and party organizing collectives trash one another on the court and collaborate off court.

What I most like about this initiative is that it does not only provide a work out for the collectives but also some unique content for its visitors. During the tournament SHMLSS will provide appropriate background tunes. And as the official part comes to an end each collective will step forward to show why they have earned themselves a spot on the event during a 45 min DJ set. Somewhat creating the feeling of a small indoor festival, where the broadest spectrum of sounds will be represented in a 5 hour long afterparty.

As a major fan of the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story the bloggers, storytellers, event organizers and creatives of Je Moeder decided to organize one for themselves and their creative equals. The idea stemmed from wanting all the creatives to come together outside a working environment, where it would all be fun and games.

On the court and behind the tables Boemklatsch, Pitto (Vers Vermaak), Rue D’Alex (Buutvrij), Karimooo (Vage Gasten) and more be present. They represent a broad spectrum of blogs, creatives and event organisers from across the Netherlands the line-up almost seems complete, except for one of course, perhaps next year the cup might just go to

Het Grote Collectieven Trefbal Toernooi

When: January 22nd, tournament 14.00-18.00, afterparty 18.00-23.00
Where: Undercurrent
Tickets: €5 all day inc. afterparty or €10 afterparty only
More info: HGCTT

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