Sunday Roast: Why I would love to be part of the end of the world

Sunday Roast: Why I would love to be part of the end of the world

Jan 15, 2012 |  by  |  Art
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It’s Sunday and you’re hungover, angry at the world, at bartenders and most of all: yourself. No worries, we feel the same. That’s why we’ve invented Sunday Roast. A bi-weekly conversational ‘column’. A written one. Online. Every other Sunday, Mark and Sabrina vent about the horrible burdens and ungodly mishaps of their 21st century life. Usually reserved only for bars, we bring our problems right into your home. Sharing is sexy, and a problem shared is a problem halved.. You are cordially invited to our pity party.

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Dear Sabrina,

You are completely right. New Year’s Eve is overrated and lame, and January 1st is a day like all others. The interesting thing however, is that it does get people thinking about the future and the changes they would wish to see for themselves. How are they going to improve their lives, and how are they going to live a better year than the last one?

Last week I went to see Melancholia in Kriterion’s film marathon, and it got me thinking about how I see my own future. We are all living like we’ll live forever. Making career plans, keeping in touch with friends, staying healthy, learning new skills. All investments in things that may come in handy in the next fifty years or so. But what if there was no next fifty years. What if there was only one year left before our inevitable collective demise?

Let’s assume for a moment that the Mayans are right and the world with all life on it will end this year, December 21st. That means we have eleven months and a week left to live. What are you going to do with that time? What are the important things in life if you’re not having to plan years and years ahead? We’ve all heard this ‘start living in the moment’ crap from terminally ill people, but there’s a difference here: everyone is dying at the exact same moment, and we all know it.

Let’s countdown to the end like we do on New Year’s Eve, but without the resolutions.

With no foresight of years and years to live, everyone will drop any ‘investment’ they are making; quit their job, quit the gym, abort their unborn children and get all their money from the bank, only to find there is nothing left to spend it on because nobody’s selling shit. The knowledge that there is no more than one collective year to live will make us want to live our ultimate dream all at the same time, rendering us instantly and completely inconsiderate to the life and future of others. We are thrown right into an all-out war with everyone else, and it won’t be pretty.

Until right up to the last week or so, when suddenly everyone really realizes it is all futile. That there is no point in trying anymore to make the best of the rest of your life. That this is the end, and it is real. That moment is the moment where true helplessness will take over, and we will collectively surrender. And with that surrender will come true and pure love. The realization that we’re all on this planet that will only exist for another few days, and that the only purpose of staying alive up to that very last moment is to feel and give true love and happiness, will result in ultimate acceptance.

And that’s exactly why I would give everything to be part of it. We’ll organize a colossal ‘End of the World’ party when it’s time, and celebrate the last day together with all life-forms on earth. Let’s count down to the end like we do on New Year’s Eve, but without the resolutions. It will be the most liberating feeling you have ever felt.

Hope to see you tomorrow,


P.S. This reminded me of the film Last Night by Don McKellar. Check out its beautiful ending scene here.

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