Individuals: The road to Amsterdam Fashion Week part four

Individuals: The road to Amsterdam Fashion Week part four

Jan 12, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion
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I’m Martijn, a 21-year old fashion student. A creative, sarcastic, vain guy who likes films and Scandinavian music. Who parties all the time, likes to eat pumpkin soup and to drink red wine with friends. Last but definitely not least, I always wear coloured socks!

Preparing for Amsterdam Fashion Week can be a pain, but one can only imagine what designers, branders and managers must be going through, preparing for a show. Well, not anymore. Martijn Nekoui, a brander at Individuals, is willing to give us a little sneak peek into the pre-fashion week madness. He will keep a weekly diary until the show, so be sure to check back for more news! Meet Martijn here.

The big day, 5:30 AM

I opened my eyes and grabbed my phone; 16 missed calls, 5 emails and 34 WhatsApps. Oh My God, here we go. For the shoot we arranged two dogs, but one dog was in heat and couldn’t come anymore. One model was lost in Amsterdam and her phone died and of course the heater was broken, so the whole crew was freezing their asses off. It’s true what they say: the fashion world is a tough one. So, we turned the problems into solutions. This was our big day for the photo shoot with Petrovsky & Ramone and nothing and no one was going to stop us.

It was amazing to see how the collection came to life

The day before we had already done the all the preparation and styling. We made the outfits ready to wear and added some extra scarves for the layering. We skipped one outfit, because it didn’t work out in the end and we made some last-minute changes in the hair and make-up. We had everything worked out for the big shoot.

Individuals petrovsky ramone

The first shots were made in the studio with three fantastic models and the dog, we shot them one by one in the unique pieces of the newest Individuals collection. Petrovsky & Ramone were on fire and everything went so fast and quick. It was amazing to see how the collection came to life, how all the unique pieces came together in a frame. Both girls were really inspiring to shoot with, they had every picture ready in their head and they combined our pieces and ideas with their professionalism and background. We shot ’till the sun went down and all the light was completely gone.

Completely exhausted, but extremely satisfied, we went back to the studio and got a little sneak preview of the shots. It was both strange and awesome to see our collection in frames. I wish I could show you guys the images, but I have to keep them a secret until after the show and book presentation. I’m sorry, but trust me, it will be worth the wait.

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