Help us catch the sound of our Next Monday's Hangover events

Help us catch the sound of our Next Monday’s Hangover events

Jan 9, 2012 |  by  |  Music, Sponsored
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To promote their new Spotify campaign, Dutch telecom giant KPN has asked us to put together a playlist for a moment that fits well with our online magazine and community. The most defining musical moments in our recent times have definitely been the Next Monday’s Hangover parties we hosted, so making a digital soundtrack for them is the first thing that was on our mind, and should be something we can easily make together with you. Join in, add your personal favourites, and who knows you might even give us some good ideas on who to book next!

Two simple rules

  1. Stick to the sound that defines Next Monday’s Hangover: warm, melodic and grooving minimal, house and tech-house. Think Robert Babicz, Joris Delacroix, AKA AKA and beyond.
  2. Post your additions to our Facebook page below the post of this article. Use only Spotify links, so we can combine the tracks in our playlist. You have until Wednesday January 11th!

The sound and vibe of Next Monday’s Hangover

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