Individuals: The road to Amsterdam Fashion Week part three

Individuals: The road to Amsterdam Fashion Week part three

Jan 5, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion
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I’m Martijn, a 21-year old fashion student. A creative, sarcastic, vain guy who likes films and Scandinavian music. Who parties all the time, likes to eat pumpkin soup and to drink red wine with friends. Last but definitely not least, I always wear coloured socks!

Preparing for Amsterdam Fashion Week can be a pain, but one can only imagine what designers, branders and managers must be going through, preparing for a show. Well, not anymore. Martijn Nekoui, a brander at Individuals, is willing to give us a little sneak peek into the pre-fashion week madness. He will keep a weekly diary until the show, so be sure to check back for more news! Meet Martijn here.

Hey everybody!

Every season Individuals has two shoots; one collection shoot and one concept shoot. The collection is the basic one; the focus with this shoot is on the clothes. The idea is to show the fabric, the silhouette and shape. Next to the collection shoot we always show our technical drawings. So this shoot is really clean, basic and minimalistic. No important backgrounds, heavy storyboards or big hair.

Individuals working

The second shoot is more complicated. This one´s more about the concept behind the collection, about showing our vision on the ‘zeitgeist‘ and fashion in general. For this collection we want a raw and darker shoot, with a lot of movement and a clinching collaboration of street culture and fashion beauty, combining these two different worlds into one image. For this shoot we use our other part of the collection, the unique pieces. This part is completely handmade by our designers and are one of a kind. They are all really ingenious and conceptual, which makes them perfect for the concept shoot.

After days of researching and brainstorming we found Petrovsky & Ramone, a Dutch photographer duo with a large, fantastic portfolio. We, rather boldly, sent them an e-mail. The next day they responded positively, and one week later we met up and made everything official. They really liked our concept and we really saw eye to eye when it came the mood of the shoot.
We had the perfect photographers for the concept shoot, but that was only one thing to scratch of our long to-do list. Other stuff on the list included: searching for great locations, getting the right models, finding that perfect pair of heels, collecting a professional team, booking a studio, making a storyboard and so much more…

OK, while I’m writing this, some other things are popping up in my head for the shoot. I’m a little nervous, but I’m sure this is going to be a great one. I’ll tell more about it next week, but for now I’m off!

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