Catch the artistic flu at PUP's Frai Flu

Catch the artistic flu at PUP’s Frai Flu

Jan 2, 2012 |  by  |  Art, Event, Fashion, Music
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I'm Tamar, 24, in love with photography and all other things that inspire me! Any inspiring tips? Email me at: !

Want to meet other young creatives and refresh your inspiration and energy levels? Then you must join us at PUP Amsterdam‘s Frai Flu on January 8th. This Sunday evening will bring us live music, creative foodies, a small market filled with affordable labels and photo exhibitions. All of this done by young talents. This is also a bit of self-promotion on my behalf since I will be exhibiting some of my street photos during this event which I of course think are very interesting and worthwhile to take a look at!

Frai Flu

There’s much more than me though. This month’s Frai Flu brings us another photo exhibitions by Lotte Bruning; performances by Maydien, Jula Aimée and DJ Jop; and a small market selling the brands We are the guys, Poppy’s Parade and Club Manhattan.

Frai Flu; the creative adult is the child who survived.

In addition to chitchatting, having some food and drinks and enjoying the atmosphere, Ellen Bokkinga offers a workshop by The New Verbalizers prior to the actual event. The New Verbalizers help young creatives to verbalize their concepts. This 1 hours workshop will take place from 16.00h-17.00h and is free of charge! If you’re interested, please email:

PUP Amsterdam’s Frai Flu

When: January 8th, 17.00-01.00h
Where: Bar 22, Wolvenstraat 22-24

Flyer Design by Laura de Graaff, Feature Image by Tamar Weenen.

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