Individuals: The road to Amsterdam Fashion Week part two

Individuals: The road to Amsterdam Fashion Week part two

Dec 30, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion
About the author
I’m Martijn, a 21-year old fashion student. A creative, sarcastic, vain guy who likes films and Scandinavian music. Who parties all the time, likes to eat pumpkin soup and to drink red wine with friends. Last but definitely not least, I always wear coloured socks!

Preparing for Amsterdam Fashion Week can be a pain, but one can only imagine what designers, branders and managers must be going through, preparing for a show. Well, not anymore. Martijn Nekoui, a brander at Individuals, is willing to give us a little sneak peak into the madness pre-fashion week. He will keep a weekly diary until the show, so be sure to check back for more news! Meet Martijn here

Week 1
Individuals wants its own collection book. A book that will show the whole process. From the very first brainstorm session with the entire team, to our show at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Every moment we shared, every passionate conversation we had and all the images we made: captured together in one book.

Individuals has one problem, one which the whole creative industry currently has, and that is budget. In order to raise some funds for our collection book we made a video, which shows our view on the ‘zeitgeist‘; on the world as a whole and of course on fashion. This video was especially made for Voor de Kunst, a really nice crowd-funding platform in the Netherlands. Together with Lars Janssen we made a raw and inspiring storyboard and after hours of research we started our day of shooting.

After many hours of shooting, more than a thousand shots and a lot of good quotes, the shoot was done. However, we were still at the beginning of the process: editing. Some shots were too short, others were awkward due to stuttering. We edited 500 minutes of talking to just 10 minutes. The first step was made, from that moment on it was ‘kill your darlings’. Good quotes and funny items were deleted in a nanosecond, all with the eyes on the price.

The result is an inspiring, honest and pure video which you can see here. 23 passionate, young creatives in a short, raw videoclip. Telling the audience why we think it is essential and necessary to have a collection book for our new collection. We posted it and now we are waiting for the crowd to support us. Hoping that they want to see our collection book as much as we do. Curious? Please click, watch and support.


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