Pleinvrees goes LITE in 2012 with BOB: Bewust OnBewust

Pleinvrees goes LITE in 2012 with BOB: Bewust OnBewust

Dec 20, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Music, Sponsored
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Pleinvees, the warm and melody orientated party that you probably all know by now, is kicking off 2012 with a brand new concept called BOB: Bewust OnBewust. On the 7th of January BOB will debut in the new Club Lite. “Het nieuwe OUTgaan” is a new nightlife trend where body and mind stay friends through replacing impulses such as booze and drugs. Basically, forget about your hangovers and memory holes. Let BOB take your hand and bring you to your comfort zone in a different, honest, adventurous and conscious way!

Organic Warm-Up (workshop)

For 100 of you curious people, there will be a special 1,5 hour organic dance warm-up that will teach you how to go mental without using any liquor and drugs in a club. You will be professionally instructed by a live band led by Angelique Angel (TranceDance). Don’t think you will experience this kind of activity at other events people. Get educated!


What can you expect musically? Solely LIVE melodic deephouse and melodic techno acts, performed by some of the most talented LIVE artists in Holland: Arjuna Schiks, Satori + Fatfingers, Daniël Zuur, La Vondel and Some Chemistry. All people we have put in the spotlight before!

Arjuna Schiks (Live) @ Pleinvrees 3-9-2011 by Pleinvrees

Mixtape Monday: Satori is going into the void by Mixtape Monday

Natural Stimulating Products

Booze makes you tired and look sleepy, drugs make you look like a fool. BOB has got a new and varied party menu to surprise everyone with, full of natural stimulating products such as fruits, chocolate shakes, and coca-tea. Who thought overdosing yourself on a chocomel and lychees would ever be cool? For example, members of the party organisation ‘Chocolate Club’ will be serving very strong and magical organic drinks and snacks from their ‘Superfood Elixir Bar’.

Chillout Zone

Get an oriental chill-out vibe from BOB’s rehabilitation room. Enjoy messages, shihas, fatboys and live band playing all different kinds instruments. Escape the intense dance floor and go relax, get your special elixir drinks & snacks and secretly try an aphrodisiac or two with your newly scored date!

Fashion & Dresscode

For the warm-up session, BOB will provide a clothing stand with wide fitting cool items and a changing room. Free for all. You can take your shoes off and join us on the dance floor. For everyone else, dress up in a modern hippie style: colourful, comfortable, and without shoes! Don’t look stiff and old when surrounded by multiple Michael Jackson’s clowning and dancing around.

BOB: Bewust OnBewust

When: January 7th 2012
Where: Club Lite
Facebook Event: Here
Line-up: Arjuna Schiks, Satori + Fatfingers, Daniël Zuur, La Vondel, Some Chemistry
Tickets: Presale € 13,50 / € 17,50 (including workshop)

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