Stop by Amsterdam's first Pop-up Wine Bar

Stop by Amsterdam’s first Pop-up Wine Bar

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The Greeks were right to adore Dionysus, the god of grape harvest, wine-making and wine. What is there not to love about good wine? Although a bit late, I found out about the The Pop-up Wine Bar, which opened its doors on November 17th and will stay open until December 23rd. The cold weather is a perfect excuse to step inside this welcoming place, so hurry up before it is gone again.

A new form of wine tasting

One of the greatest things about this concept is that you can enjoy 41 different wines by the bottle, the glass, half a glass or just a sip. Besides white and red wine, there’s some delicious champagne to drink yourself silly. The price per glass varies from €3,50 to €350,-. The most expensive wine on their list is Château Petrus, made mostly of Merlot grapes, praised and well recognized worldwide. The sip is only €55,-! Hey, if you can afford it, why not? There are other exquisite options. From light reds to aromatic whites, they were all carefully selected, displaying quality wine-making from France, South Africa, Chile, California, Spain to New Zealand.

The Pop-up Wine Bar

The bar is tastefully decorated like a homely loft, with couches and comfy chairs everywhere. There’s a kitchen table, a living room, a TV room, and a bedroom for a smoking room. If you know that it’s best not to drink on an empty stomach, there’s a cheese platter; a perfect combo for a wide wine selection, some sushi and other delicacies to keep you well fed.

There’s only a few days left before they close, don’t miss your chance!

The Pop-up Wine Bar

Where: Marnixstraat 429, 1017 PT
Times: Wed–Sat: 16:00–01:00 or 2:00 (Closed Sun–Tue)

Photos by Andrea Huls.

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