Experience Spuiten en Slikken in theatre

Experience Spuiten en Slikken in theatre

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Who doesn’t know Spuiten en Slikken, the tv-show about sex and drugs on BNN? This winter, Spuiten en Slikken will have their own theatre show, and it will be one hell of a ‘trip’. Every actor will embody a type of drug: DMT, XTC, coke, truffles, GHB and an anonymous drug. All drugs of choice. Rumour has it that when you enter the show a mysterious pill is offered to you. Whether you take it, is up to you. Who said theatre’s boring?

Spuiten en Slikken in Theatre

Spuiten en Slikken in het Theater is a montage show directed by Sanne Vogel. With young writers and actors such as Egbert-Jan Weeber and Tygo Gernandt that aren’t afraid of drugs themselves, this show will be anything but unrealistic. It will be funny, disgusting, intoxicating, and beautifully raw. Just like drugs itself, though you have to watch out for the negative effects of drug use.

Want to influence this theatre show? It’s possible! Email your most bizarre, crazy, funny or touching experience with drugs and/or sex to spuitenenslikkeninhettheater@rep.nu, and maybe your story will be so inspiring that it will be processed in the play.

The try-out shows started this week and the official premiere will be on December 19th in the DeLaMar theatre. The show will continue playing till March all over the country. Click here for tour dates. Come and watch, if you dare…

Spuiten En Slikken In Het Theater

When: December 3rd 2011 – March 20th 2012
Tickets: Around €20,- (Depends on kind of show: try-out, pre-première, première or regular)
Website: http://www.rep.nu/spuitenenslikken/

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