Go treasure hunting at the IJ-Hallen

Go treasure hunting at the IJ-Hallen

Dec 9, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Fashion
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The IJ-hallen (IJ-halls) is one of my favourite places for finding vintage treasures. I know, when you first see the IJ-Hallen it isn’t love at first sight. It’s nothing like walking into small cosy vintage shop with loads of lovely vintage treasures. But believe me, there’s much to be discovered! When I ask people around me about the IJ-Hallen they only vaguely know what the concept is, so it’s time to fill you in with all the information about this concept and send you guys off to this vintage-budget-place.

Muffled old socks and tacky porcelain

It is a big flea market hosted once a month in the North of Amsterdam. And when I say big, I mean really big. More than 500 market stalls pop-up at the warehouse selling every possible thing you can think of. I must share with you, most of the time you’ll just be wondering where the hell people got that much junk from. You will ask yourself who would be interested in buying a muffled old sock or a bunny who’s been around so long his ears got chewed off. But next to all this junk there is a lot of marvellous stuff to purchase. Hats, granny skirts, grandfather’s woollen vest, enormous glasses, vintage vases, tacky shiny porcelain, it’s all there.

Because it’s mainly random people selling stuff they found in their houses, nothing is overpriced. You can seriously fill up your bags for 20 bucks, and that’s what I like! Great vintage stuff for great vintage prices. It can be a little crusade that takes some dedication and I guess a bit of luck. But the end result will be rewarding, I promise.

So, get yourself across the water and to this little piece of vintage heaven this Saturday. On Sunday there is already something else on your schedule of course: Zondagmiddag at Roest!


When: December 9th-10th, 09:00 ‐ 16:30
Where: IJ-Hallen, Neveritaweg 15 (Amsterdam Noord)
Tickets: €4,-

Feature image by Tamar Weenen

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