James Vincent McMorrow’s white winter hymn

James Vincent McMorrow’s white winter hymn

Nov 30, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Music
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I feel as if though a blanket has settled over Amsterdam: winter is rolling in accompanied by scarves, hats and a nagging cold. All that can help me get through these dark days is a good white winter hymn. For this winter, my soundtrack will be James Vincent McMorrow, who is coming to Amsterdam to perform at the Paradiso on January 9th.

The sound of whiskey in the morning

With a cup of coffee in one hand a cigarette in the other I stare out of my bedroom window: nothing less than darkness. A pitch black morning, followed by a grey day filled with the hope of catching one glimpse of the sun. And before you know it, someone has turned the lights off again. What better to accompany these melancholic days than a singer-songwriter with a whiskey drenched hoarse voice?

James Vincent McMorrow seems to be able to capture my attention and drown away reality while he takes me on a journey. A journey which leads away from darkness and towards that what one loves. Whether it be your loved ones, the memory of a vacation on an exotic island, or that first kiss way back in high school.

In If I had a Boat (video below) James describes one such journey, talking you through the feeling of yearning for that one destination. Spring, summer, fall.. He reminds me that winter will pass and that many more winters will follow. I will spend this winter listening to James Vincent McMorrow. A winter in which I will embrace the darkness. A winter in which I will not be spending the most of my time depressed in bed. A winter in which I will see James Vincent McMorrow perform live at the Paradiso.

James Vincent McMorrow in Paradiso

When: January 9th, 20:30
Where: Paradiso
Tickets: €12,50
More info: Paradiso’s website

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