Guest of Honour: The deep, crisp, well-produced, super-hot and sexy Noir

Guest of Honour: The deep, crisp, well-produced, super-hot and sexy Noir

Nov 30, 2011 |  by  |  Music
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I’ve been doing a lot of interviews with DJs and producers lately and I also publish a weekly podcast by a local DJ. This means I get to speak to a lot of electronic music artists. Most of them don’t impress me as much with their back story as Noir did though. I have a weak spot for people who confidently set out to realise their dreams, and make it all the way. DJing, producing, running a label.. Noir had his future planned out for himself from the very beginning.

Who is Noir, where did he come from and what doe she sound like?
“Noir is a DJ, producer and label owner from Denmark, and everything surrounding Noir and Noir Music sounds deep, crisp, well-produced, super-hot and sexy.”

Do you still live in Denmark? How is the house and techno scene there, is it lively?
“I still live in Aalborg, Denmark. It’s a nice city to live in plus all of my friends and family are there. The house and techno scene is suffering a lot in Denmark from all the commercial ‘dance’ that has hit the charts. There’s a lot of room for the pop hits and not much room for the underground music. That said, there are still some good parties, especially in Copenhagen.”

At the very beginning, I bought the domain I knew that when my name was big enough I would start up a label with the same name.

You’re coming to Amsterdam next weekend to perform at STRAF_WERK. Our city is quite small, much like the big towns in Denmark, but the techno and house scene is doing quite well here. You’ve had a few gigs here before if I’m not mistaken. Do you remember them well?
“I really like Holland in general. The nature and people remind me of Denmark more than any other country in Europe, but your clubbing culture is so much better. I wish people would be as open minded in Denmark as they are in Holland. I remember all gigs in Holland pretty well and they have all been really good experiences. I can’t wait to play at STRAF_WERK, with that line-up we’ll have an awesome night.”

Which clubs did you perform at during your previous gigs in Holland and when were they?
“I can’t remember club names very well. I remember playing in Nijmegen at some event called ‘Who needs..’. Played Bloemendaal which surprised me with all its house events at one beach. I played Utrecht, can’t remember the club name but I do remember it was a really good night. I think I played in Holland 5 or 6 times in all.”

At Strafwerk, you’re playing alongside guys like Tale of Us, Luna City Express, David August, Stimming and the list goes on. Anyone in particular you yourself are looking forward to seeing?
“I’ve met some of them before, but to be honest I like the whole line-up, so I’m just gonna enjoy the entire night. They all deliver different styles and set-ups, so I’m really looking forward to a gig where I can hang out and enjoy some good music myself.”

You’re known and successful as a DJ, producer and label boss for Noir music. Which of these occupations do you see as your first?
“I started out as a DJ, so I’ve been doing that the longest. It was always my dream to make music too, but I couldn’t afford the electronic equipment to start the whole thing back then (computers, synthesizers, software). Then my father died and I got some money which I invested in my dream (making music). I started DJing in 1997, making music in 1999 and became serious and good enough production-wise in 2005. So I quit my dayjob to follow my heart and my dream and live from DJing and making music.”

“It was always my plan to become A&R and run my own label as well. That’s why I, at the very beginning, bought the domain I knew that when my name was big enough I would start up a label with the same name. I got my international breakthrough in 2005 with All About House Music on Wyze recordings, my first big hit on the charts with My MTV in 2006 and I started my own label Noir Music in 2007.”

What are your plans for the future as a DJ, producer and label boss?
DJ: “Keep evolving, keep being interesting and push new music. I edit almost everything I play and I know what I play inside out. I spend a lot of time perfecting the tracks for my DJ sets, but I never plan what to play. Everything happens spontaneously.”

PRODUCER: “I am working on my forthcoming album with a lot of singer-songwriters around the globe. The single with Haze was the first single from the album and Haze actually lives in Malaysia. The next single is with Richard Davis from Berlin. The album will not include any instrumentals; all tracks will be full vocal tracks as they are the hardest to make to perfection and that is my goal to do. I hope the album will be finished and released in the fall of 2012.”

LABEL BOSS: “I aim to keep the quality high. I do not sign and release tracks because I think they will sell well or because they are from a famous producer. I sign and release music I love and the music on my labels Noir Music, NM2, Klimaks and OnTheFly will always reflect what it is that I really like. I try to keep the bar for quality high and would rather go a month without a release than release something that is just ‘OK’.”

[Noir Music] V/A – Second Chances & New Romances Vol. 3 // OUT NOW by Noir’s label Noir Music

Who’s your favourite artist/biggest inspiration right now?
“That is really hard to tell as I hear a lot of different genres. Bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure and Radiohead inspire me. Artists like Jamie Woon, James Blake and Adele inspire me. Producers like Gui Boratto, Trentemoller and Maceo Plex inspire me.”

Can you reveal one track that will very likely be in your DJ set on Friday?
“I will road-test my next single “Found Out” with Richard Davis in Amsterdam (Friday) and Berlin (Saturday) before I put the final tweaks and touches to it next week.”

Going to STRAF_WERK on Friday? Catch Noir from 23:00 ’till 00:30 at the Melkweg.

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