Filmfetish Friday: The Artist, Nova Zembla, Hasta la Vista

Filmfetish Friday: The Artist, Nova Zembla, Hasta la Vista

Nov 26, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event
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As a freelance journalist, Anouk (26) usually writes about what other people do or like. In her precious spare time she watches arthouse films. Not a few. A lot, thanks to her trusted Cineville pass. Here she can finally share her film-fetish with the world.

To watch or not to watch? I will tour around Amsterdam’s cinemas and answer this crucial question every Friday. Without mercy, of course. Sucky movies will be slaughtered, cinematographic pearls will be appreciated as such. Or the other way around. After all, good taste is in the eye of the beholder.

The Artist

My friend gave me a shocked and reproachful look. ‘They don’t talk in this film? Are you serious?’ Yes, I am. The Artist is a silent movie in the style of late 1920s Hollywood cinema. No words, just text cards. Music instead of any other sound, all shot in black and white. Jean Dujardin steals the show as the big (silent) movie star George Valentin. Set in the age that time starts catching up and the audience wants actors who actually talk, George refuses to go with it, and that’s the end of his career. Luckily there’s Peppy Miller, once his protege and secret crush, now a successful actress. Although the valleys are deep, all is well in the end. So, put your scepticism aside and go to The Artist. I promise you a whole new cinema experience!

Watch this film in Cineville‘s Cinecenter, Rialto and The Movies.

Nova Zembla

As a kid I was fascinated by the story about Nova Zembla. In the winter of 1596/1597 a group of Dutch sailors, led by the famous naval hero Willem Barentsz, try to find a northern route to India. The ship gets stuck in the ice and the crew has no choice but to survive winter at Nova Zembla. Gerrit de Veer, who worked on the ship as a carpenter, wrote a detailed travel report. Director Reinout Oerlemans used this report for the first Dutch 3D film. The result is okay, nothing more or less. The characters don’t really come to life and if Doutzen Kroes is on the screen you just see Doutzen Kroes (and her tits). Although the film contains a few good actors, like Derek de Lint (as Barentsz) and Jan Decleir, they can’t save the story. I expected more from ‘young talent’ Robert de Hoog (Gerrit de Veer), but maybe I should just face the facts: De Hoog is not a very good actor. Stop casting him, please.

A side note: If you want to read a cool youth book about this journey, read ‘Bevroren Tijd’ by Lieneke Dijkzeul.

Watch this film in Cineville‘s The Movies. Also in Pathe (all of them).

Hasta la Vista

I have to see this. Maybe it’s terrible, maybe it’s corny or maybe it’s simply not funny, but the synopsis is great: three handicapped friends go on a holiday to France with only one goal: to lose their virginity. The Belgian film is a big hit in its home country. Belgians have a good sense of humour, so I’ll make the bike ride to Westerpark for sure.

Watch this film in Cineville‘s Het Ketelhuis. Also in Pathe (City).

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