Spend your day hacking and evening partying in North Amsterdam

Spend your day hacking and evening partying in North Amsterdam

Nov 23, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event, Music
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This Saturday, the 26th of November, you can spend your entire day at the old Shell building, just across the water from Central Station in North Amsterdam. Here you can attend the Hack de Overheid event and/or the Eddie the Eagle party.

Hack de Overheid

If you’re feeling a bit geeky, be sure to attend the Hack de Overheid (‘hack the government’) event, which is held prior to the party. You need to register here to attend. This event is all all about using (open) data to get new insights through the ways of hacking. Matt Biddulph, Marius Watz and Marietje Schaake will be attending as speakers, with coffee by Koffie Kees Kraakman, food by Hot Mama Hot and high-, low- and no-tech art.

Eddie the Eagle party

From 21:00 till 04:00 you can attend the last Eddie the Eagle event of the year. An evening filled with live music, performances, art and more. With, for example, DJ Lonely and DJ Baba Electronica. They’re into Brazilian hardcore funk, a style created in the favela’s of Rio. Listen for yourself:

RLR BabaElectronicaAndFriends 08-02-2011 by BABA ELECTRONICA

There are dozens of acts and installations. One which got my attention is a presentation of porn banners by Pinar and Viola, an independent designer duo that creates crazy designs drenched in pulp and kitsch aesthetics.

There’ll be a cocktail bar and free hand picked oysters by Sjim Hemdrix. If all of this sounds a bit crazy, it probably is.

The (in)complete line-up
Pjotr van de Diepte
Jonas Ohlsson en Baba Electronica
Xavier van Wersch
Deftig en Schaduw
Femke Dekker & Nicole Martens – Strange Boutique
Rufus Ketting
SAFE SWIM (Father Futureback)
De Grote Hans Zimmerman Goochel show

DJ Wezermat Collective 3000

Visual stuff:
Pinar and Viola

Roos Menkman

Sander Veenhof

Anne Jan Reijn

Roel Wouters & Luna Maurer

Jonas Lund

Jan Robert Leegte

Zoro Feigl
Miktor & Molf

Erik Alkema

Kristian de la Riva

Others are yet to be confirmed. Dresscode for the party: come as your clone.

Hack de Overheid & Eddie the Eagle party

When: 26-11-11 from 10:00 till 21:00 and 21:00 till 04:00
Where: Shell Tower, Overhoeks North Amsterdam
Price: €10 for Eddie the Eagle (including free cocktail & lottery ticket)
Web: Eddie the Eagle & Hack de Overheid

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