15 new talents in a satellite location for FOAM

15 new talents in a satellite location for FOAM

Nov 15, 2011 |  by  |  Art
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Foam has chosen 15 new talents to be shown at their new location on Vijzelstraat 78, just around the corner of their main base on Keizersgracht. Foam has quite a big new space to fill, which they do in a diverse and interesting way. Below are the two artist I liked the most.

Mirko Martin (Germany), L.A. Crash

Mirko his photo works act between the borders of staging events and real-life. A world where people publicly act out their roles in a theatrical way. This series originates from the city of L.A. which just like New York we all recognize even if you have never been there, thanks to the dominant American movie culture. This is what makes his work interesting to me, it feels like you are a voyeur at a real life film scene gone wrong. The images can tell many different stories of course, depending on the person viewing it.

Florian van Roekel (The Netherlands), How Terry likes his coffee.

A photo essay into office life; an anonymous, subtle and often cold world. Some photos depict a detail of a jacket which looks like the wind is slowly brushing past it, while another photo shows an awkward touching of a shoulder. People staring mindlessly into the void also seems to be a theme in the office world. Florian’s series is a bit sad in a way, but fits perfectly in the frame of mind of the current crisis.

While most photos in the show are presented in a proper way, I’m not sure I like the way Florian’s photos are shown (on the escalator). Although in a way it fits the office theme it felt a bit awkward, and I feel this work deserves more. See for yourself.

Foam magazine

If you are interested in the talents there is also a Foam magazine publication dedicated to their work, combined with small interviews and each photograph section printed on the kind of paper best suited for the work. Check out a digital preview here.

Here is a complete list of all the artists:
Ina Jang (South Korea), Mirko Martin (Germany), Raphaël Dallaporta (France), Katrien Vermeire (Belgium), Fleur van Dodewaard (The Netherlands), Ester Vonplon (Switzerland), Renato Abreu (Brazil), Lucas Blalock (USA), Florian van Roekel (The Netherlands), Gosha Rubchinskiy (Russia), Mayumi Hosokura (Japan), Jessica Eaton (Canada), Alessandro Imbriaco (Italy), Ivor Prickett (Ireland) and Alberto Salván Zulueta (Spain).

Foam new talent

When: 14 October – 15 December
Where: Vijzelstraat 78 open daily from 10.00 – 18.00 and on Thursdays and Fridays from 10.00 – 21.00
Web: Foam.org

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