Mixtape Monday: Monday's wild imagination mix by Mike Ravelli

Mixtape Monday: Monday’s wild imagination mix by Mike Ravelli

Nov 14, 2011 |  by  |  Music
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Rob is 28 (but needs his beard to actually look like it), loves music, adventures and spontaneous people. His scribblings are about these things too, so if you share his interests, stay tuned!

A mixtape from an Amsterdam based DJ every Monday to kick-start your new week. Archive here.

On a cold Monday like this we can all use some warm music to get our body temperature up again. With Mike Ravelli behind the decks this should be no problem though. This DJ from Haarlem has quite a track record in Amsterdam. Gigs at many GZG editions, Shoeless, Mystery Land, Studio 80 all reside on his résumé. This mixtape is a tour through the record bag of this vinyl collector. Enjoy!

Mike Ravelli – Mondays wild imagination mix for Overdose.am by MikeRavelli

A diverse collection of records from Mike Ravelli’s record bag specially mixed for Overdose.am. Are you afraid to use your imagination?

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