Classical music with a twist at Brug9

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The name's Ciaran, a 27-year-old guy who loves the idea of a discovery, even if it actually isn't one. Among many other Sherlock Holmes adventures, searching for art and music is what keeps me going. High Five!

When was the last time you listened to classical music? My guess is, it was either last Christmas at your parents’ house or while studying for exams because you heard from a friend that it actually does help. But what if there was a platform able to prove the coolness of classical music and bring it to a younger crowd? To bring it just a little step further, what if this platform also gave the stage to young talent instead of some old fart who’s vibrato is so good thanks to Parkinson?


What better a location to have this new experience than in one of Amsterdam’s best hidden gems, Brug9. Under the grand Torensluis bridge there is a surprise waiting for first time visitors. About a year ago Tamar wrote about Brug9, revealing one of its jazz nights. The stairs down from the street, the restored brick walls, the vaulted ceilings, the no chair rule and even the space capsule toilets make this spot one to remember.

A Brug 9 visit is always a little special. They only have a few shows a year, mainly either jazz or classical music. The trick is to go to the website and sign up for their mailing list. This way you’ll always know when to stop by. Their whole philosophy is about enjoying your night out; so no stuck up crowd, a bottle of beer in your hand, a bit of flirting here and there, enough breaks to keep the bar running and a host who will make the grumpiest among us laugh.


Brug 9

Photos in article courtesy of Ciaran Woods. Feature image courtesy of Tamar Weenen.

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