Museum Night is getting closer, what not to miss?

Museum Night is getting closer, what not to miss?

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On the 5th of November 45 museums in Amsterdam open their doors to the public from 19:00 until 02:00, with a special curated programme for the night. But what must one definitely see with this many museums to go to? I narrowed it down for you into several themes: Audio-Visual, Art, Music and, watch out… Thinking.


Maritime Museum
360° Sound System – Time: 18:30-19:00
The museum night opens with an audio-visual soundscape on the indoor square of the National Maritime Museum. It just reopened and has a great looking atrium. Eight speakers will take care of a surround sound, the score of the music will be visualised on the surrounding walls. Here’s an example of what the visuals will be based upon:

There’s a whole lot more to do to fill up your evening, but from 22:15 on several guys from 22tracks will be pumping fresh beats into the square. Djef, Job de Wit and Venz will take care of soul pop, relaxing music and a dozen other themes. But you’re of course free to head off into any of the other places, like Artis, NIMk, Amsterdams Museum, the Tattoo Museum, the Old Church or any of the other 40 museums.

Artis, Planetarium
Spontaneous Fantasia – 19:00–02:00 (15 min. shows)
The planetarium just like any other time, is another place to visit if you want to experience an audio-visual treat. Video artist J. Walt will bring a virtual landscape to life, by live painting on the 3D dome.

Check out a video by underground video blog to see what you can expect here.

Forest House – 20:00–00:00
You can also visit the Forest House at night, where you can see the nocturnal animals walking around in their ‘natural’ habitat.

Old Church
Pyramid of Light – 21:00–00:00
In the Old Church you can experience an interactive ‘happy healing’. Just lay yourself down under the 16m2 pyramid of light and let the moving images take you on a visual journey. If you somehow get bored you can have yourself a Brazilian wax in one of the confession cubicles from 19.00–02.00 (both girls and guys).


EYE Film Institute / Eddie the Eagle
Salon des Arts Incoherent – 19:00–02:00
Since the EYE Film Institute will be saying goodbye to their classic spot in the Vondelpark, the Eddie the Eagle museum (an artist collective) will host a shadow play on the inside of the building as a goodbye gift.

We’ll meet again – 21:15-02:00
Sticking true to the theme of saying goodbye; in several theatres you can view the most beautiful farewell scenes and the best party scenes in movie history.

Amsterdam Museum
PUP – 19:00-02:00
A lot of stuff is going on in the Amsterdam Museum. Something I’d like to point your attention to is an exhibition by PUP, a creative collective showing and hosting new talent. Check out some great raw photography and design by Roxanne Dekker, Semuel Souhuwat, Sophie van der Perre, Julie Hrudova, Catarina Aimee Dahms en Bart Albers. Photo by Semuel Souhuwat. Have a closer look at his work which is both raw and sincere.

See what other stuff is going on in the Amsterdam Museum here.

Tattoo museum
Grande opening – 19:00-02:00
The Tattoo Museum (by Henk Schiffmacher) opens its doors for the first time with 2000m2 of museum. The theme of the evening is ‘The day of the dead’, with live tattooing by Mexican artists and music by a Johnny Cash tribute band.


Pianola Museum
Silent Movie supported by piano – 19:00–02:00
Always wanted to experience how going to the theaters was in the 1930s? Take your chance at the Pianola Museum with movie pianist Yvo Verschoor. He plays on the Steinway-Duo-Art piano from 1926 with the original 78 records.

Crowd DJ – 21:30 – 22:30

I’ve seen this work before in The Hague, and it’s pretty sweet.

Atom TM co-presented by Optofonica – 22:30-23:30
Right after the Crowd DJ you can enjoy the beats by Atom™, who will play a set at NIMk.
Latest tracks by Atom™

Build your own personal bristle bot – 19:30-21:30
Grab your chance and participate in a workshop at NIMk to create little working robots A.K.A. ‘bristle bots‘.

Hacking and Platform 2 – 19:00-02:00
Besides that you have the possibility to check out the hacking exhibition and Platform 2, Platform 2 allows you to send text messages to a virtual prostitute. Who knows, you might like it?

Sugar Factory
After N8 / Curious behaviour – 00:00-05:00
A nice party to attend after the Museum Night could be After n8 from Curious Behaviour. It takes place in the Sugar Factory with hidden performances, a moving ceiling and other adventurous elements. With Palmbomen (from NON records), Daniel Zuur and Carlos Valdes


De Brakke Grond
Panel discussion with Stuart Franklin – 20:30–21:30
Magnum photographer Stuart Franklin will talk about his work, the influence of internet and social media. Here’s one of his classic iconic images:

Rijksmuseum – 19:30-21:00 / 21:30-22:00
Mini Masterclasses: ‘Making Art & Making a Living’
Several talks about making money and art with cultural entrepreneurs, curators and artists. Just in case you need to pick up some new ideas.

Hermitage Amsterdam – 22:00-23:00 / 23:00-00:00
Vodafone Firestarters: social media in art
Having seen the Vodafone firestarter talkshow at Picnic, you should only attend if you’re already up to speed in the social media sector. This show will be about social media in art. With Martin Verbeet (pvda spokesman art & culture), Merijn Kavelaars (artist), Roy Cremers (, Michel de Rooij (Stichting Nowhere) en Paul Spies (Director of Amsterdam Museum). Host: Andrew Makkinga

You can create your own favorites on the website of Museum Night by logging in through Facebook or Twitter. For the latest programme updates also have a look on the site. Enjoy the night!

Museum Night

When: November 5th, 19:00-05:00
Where: 45 Areas
Tickets: here

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