The work of conceptual 'Dutch Design' collective Droog

The work of conceptual ‘Dutch Design’ collective Droog

Oct 27, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Fashion
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For someone like me, who didn’t have a clue about Dutch design, Droog was a perfect place to learn a few things. Founded by jewellery and industrial designer Gijs Bakker and art historian and curator Renny Ramakers, Droog brings an innovative concept that combines the work of various designers.

According to Droog employee and art history student Steven Van Den Haak, 20, “Droog is a foundation for design, a space where design is produced.” While admiring some of the interesting creations, such as a bookshelf made with different chairs, I noticed that most of the work showed environmental friendly characteristics. More than a store, Droog makes a statement and exhibits signs of a new form of design that seeks to reuse resources and materials.

A foundation for design, a space where design is produced.

Furthermore, Ramakers has established the Droog Lab, whose purpose is to “define the next generation of global design by investigating local contexts.” This project studies how people deal with their realities and situations in various parts of the world, and how the ways in which people manage to create in austerity can inspire new design.

Design today can contribute to society in ways that it might have not done so before. If you’re a little bit curious and stop by, you will find fun and affordable things for yourself or your friends.

Photos by Andrea Huls

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