Mixtape Monday: ONNO's ADE hangover

Mixtape Monday: ONNO’s ADE hangover

Oct 25, 2011 |  by  |  Music
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Wait? It’s Tuesday already? ADE must have really messed up ONNO´s perception of time.. But who can blame him. I’m guessing half of Amsterdam is still nursing a massive hangover right now. I’m very pleased to have ONNO this week, as he is conquering the world in a rapid pace. With gigs at Watergate, The Panorama Bar and even in Miami, and releases which are supported by the likes of Marco Carola, Matthias Tanzmann and Tiefschwarz, to name just a few, you can say he is winning. Did I mention he is playing at our upcoming night festival Midnight Wonderland yet?

ONNO – Tuesday ADE Hangover (Podcast for Next Monday’s Hangover) by onno

A set to listen to at home while recovering from ADE

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