Follow us down the rabbit hole, and visit Next Monday's Hangover - Midnight Wonderland

Follow us down the rabbit hole, and visit Next Monday’s Hangover – Midnight Wonderland

Oct 10, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Rob is 28 (but needs his beard to actually look like it), loves music, adventures and spontaneous people. His scribblings are about these things too, so if you share his interests, stay tuned!

As most of you will now, we at also host our own events alongside publishing this online magazine. Aptly named after our weekly night-life guide (every Wednesday), Next Monday’s Hangover is the title under which we host a series of day and night festivals where we invite the best musicians and artists we know to new and exciting locations. Today I want to invite you to visit the next edition: Next Monday’s Hangover – Midnight Wonderland.

Our summer festival (last August) Next Monday’s Hangover – Out in the open:


We’ve found a new, exciting location that will blow you away. I can’t reveal too much information yet, but I can reveal a few details. The building we found is not a club or anywhere you’ve ever been for a big party before, it is officially a monument. It has many different rooms and long hallways, and you’re going to have to enter through an underground tunnel. Best of all, it’s hidden in plain sight, right around your corner.


As the name might reveal, we’ve found inspiration in wonderland for the theme of our new event. And not the sugar-sweet Disney version, but Tim Burton’s dark and gloomy wonderland. We will create our own hallucinogenic playground for one night, and we expect you to be dressed and prepared for a psychedelic adventure!


For the occasion, we’ve invited two German artists to headline the night. The first is live artist and electronic craftsman Robert Babicz, a man on a mission with sounds and emotions. He has been producing and performing since the early ’90s and with releases on Kompakt (Michael Mayer, Gui Boratto) and Systematic (Marc Romboy, Max Cooper) his résumé is one to respect. The second headliner is Hamburg’s H.O.S.H., a long-time member of the very popular Diynamic family (Solomun, Stimming, David August).

Robert Babicz-EssentialMix 26-03-2011 BBC radio 1 by robbabicz

H.O.S.H. @ Panorama Bar (5 years Diynamic Anniversary 02.04.11) by H.O.S.H.

Next to all this German import, we have a strong line-up for local Amsterdam based artists who are all on the way up: Olivier Weiter, ONNO, Homework, Satori (live) & Timothy Watt.

Next to this, we also have something new to show you. As a spin-off of our Next Monday’s Hangover events we are launching our own record label On the 19th, we will officially launch this with a showcase of what we think are very talented artists. On show will be Some Chemistry, ME.N.U. (live), La Vondèl (live), Troeble & Ferdinand. More info soon!

Art, theatre, decor, food

As a music, art and fashion magazine we would not feel right if we only programmed music, so expect more. Live art, theatre, extravagant decor, VJs and a night restaurant are all on the planned menu!

Next Monday’s Hangover – Midnight Wonderland

Date: November 19th, 22:00 – 05:00
Location: Down the rabbit hole
Tickets: €18,50 (here)
More info: Facebook event

Robert Babicz live (Cologne, Systematic, Kompakt), H.O.S.H. (Hamburg, Diynamic), Olivier Weiter, ONNO, Homework, Satori live & Timothy Watt label release party:
Some Chemistry, ME.N.U. live, La Vondel live, Troeble & Ferdinand

Theatre, VJs, live art, night restaurant, Funktion-One set-up & more!

Homework – Mixtape Monday Mixtape ( by Mixtape Monday

ONNO Live @ Panorama Bar, Berlin – 21-01-2011 by R_co

Olivier Weiter – after summer melody podcast by Mixtape Monday

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