Paper or Pad? The future of media at De Verdieping

Paper or Pad? The future of media at De Verdieping

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My parents still have one, but to my knowledge none of my mates do and I currently do not have the budget to attain one either. At least not on a monthly basis. Newspapers. A ritual that only a few years back was as fixed to most people as a cup of coffee in the morning. Yet times are a changing and so is the necessity of news on paper. Thanks to our good friend the internet and fancy iPads the future of the newspaper is questionable and not as clear as it once used to be.

This Wednesday De Verdieping is kicking off their new series called ‘The Future of the Newspaper’. Together with media experts they try to find solutions for the future of traditional media, discuss the developments in journalism, media technology and find out how the modern audience obtains their daily dose of news.

The night will start with the first part of News War, a documentary that talks about the downfall of American journalism. Followed by a debate with Juha van ‘t Zelfde and Hans Aarsman. Aarsman used to work as a photographer and journalist for Dutch newspapers Trouw, NRC and De Volkskrant. To get to know Aarsman a little better see his performance at Ted:

TEDxAmsterdam: Hans Aarsman from TEDxAmsterdam on Vimeo.

Are you interested to know if your newspaper will still be landing on your doormat in the next decade or if it will just be used to wrap your Fish and Chips? Go find out at De Verdieping!

Toekomst van de Krant #1 – News War & Hans Aarsman

Where: De Verdieping, Trouw
When: 28th of September
Time: 20.00
Damage: 5,- (peanuts)

Check the book of face for more information.

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