Wide open landscapes in the underground, at the On My Way exhibition

Wide open landscapes in the underground, at the On My Way exhibition

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The plans for a metro tunnel from North to South Amsterdam were made in 1968, and it only took until 2003 before constructions started. Diligent as our builders are, projections say it will be finished as soon as 2017. All joking aside, that’s quite a lot of time to have an empty tunnel put to no use. That’s what Mothers of Art must have thought when they decided on a location for their newest exhibition.

In the underground observation area of the North/South line, Mothers of Art presents On My Way: an exhibition featuring three befriended Amsterdam based artists. One of them is Merijn Kavelaars, whom we already know, but the real reason I had to tell you about this exhibition is Sophie van der Perre.

Sophie van der Perre: Land of a Thousand Dances

Sophie is a 24 year old photographer with roots in Belgium. When I started browsing through her work, my heart made a little jump. Her mostly analogue photos in dreamily named series like land of a thousand dances and anyway the wind blows combine the beauty of the soft pastel colours in wide open landscapes with beautiful ‘next door’ girls in bare-skinned celebration of their spirited freedom. Her great eye for natural light also translates to black-and-white indoor shots, in which she manages to keep the same breezy relaxedness and lighthearted air.

I can’t wait to experience these photos, that make you just feel the sun on your face and the soft wind lightly brushing against your skin, in the dark underground setting of this unique location. This is something you really can’t miss, and I haven’t even told you about the third artist yet!

Mothers of Art presents: On My Way

When: September 24th – October 2nd
Where: In front of Rokin 92, at the big red M
Price: Free
Info: Facebook Event

Sophie van der Perre - Girls Interrupted

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