Sunday shoe swapping at Canvas

Sunday shoe swapping at Canvas

Sep 20, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Fashion
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Swapping shoes and a lazy Sunday, doesn’t that sound like a winning combination? Well, Krijg de Kleren! clothing swap is coming up with a special shoe edition! Got some pairs of shoes collecting dust under your bed? Dust them off and bring them to Canvas on the 25th of September. Clothing and accessories are more than welcome as well.

There are only a few rules for happy swapping. You must bring a minimum of one pair of shoes or five pieces of clothing, and please do not bring more home than you handed in. Needless to say, every pair or item has to be wearable and clean. Buy your ticket in advance via Facebook for guaranteed entrance. See you there!

Krijg de Kleren!, the shoe edition at Canvas

When: 25th of September, from 14.00- 18.00
Where: Canvas, Wibautstraat 15

Feature image by Rosie Lord

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