Fashion meets beauty with Diesel's introduction of fatal attraction in a bottle

Fashion meets beauty with Diesel’s introduction of fatal attraction in a bottle

Sep 20, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion
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It was the day prior to my holiday when I decided to do something fun and headed towards the Diesel headquarters to take a look at their new collection. This collection presentation wasn’t something I wanted to miss, since Diesel and I go back a long, long way. As a teenager I was a huge fan of this brand and there hasn’t really changed much since. Anxious to know what their new collection was like I entered their awesome showroom and got overwhelmed by an unfamiliar yet very sensual scent..

An overdose of love

Describing it as the revisited 2011 version of love potion, Diesel believes this sexy fragrance with a strong essence of liquorice, star anis and gardenia petals combined with woody scents, will make every woman who wears it irresistible. Muse Ashley Smith sets an example in the commercial, as every step she takes is in fact a seduction of the people surrounding her, triggered by the unusual and addictive scent called Loverdose. A black dagger pierces through the diamond cut amethyst coloured heart shaped perfume bottle, making it something extraordinary every true Diesel woman should have in her bag.

At the introduction of Loverdose at Diesel HQ I even heard a rumour that a special and very secret molecule was added to the fragrance that causes absolute love, extreme passion and an irrational, uncontrollable inflaming of the senses. Meaning people can’t resist you when they sense you’re wearing Loverdose – they might even instantly love you. To be honest I’m not so sure if the rumour is true, but I do have to admit that the sweet scent leaves a sensual vapour trail behind. Obviously this fragrance is at it’s best when combined with rock-able yet feminine clothes, just like the Diesel A/W collection hanging in the showroom.

The Brave Natives on Tour

The presented A/W ’11 collection proved to be everything you need to be completely irresistible and look like a true rockstar. The pieces varied from leather biker jackets, printed t-shirts, chunky knitwear and five-pocket-jeans, to beaded dresses and floral prints. The colour palette wasn’t all black and ranged from indigo, grey to military green and burgundy. Yet again Diesel offers comfort for a cosy winter, with that extra touch of rockability. Read and see more of this collection here.

Diesel’s A/W ’11 collection and Loverdose are available in stores now.

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