Visit and support De Valreep, a new haven for music, art and performances

Visit and support De Valreep, a new haven for music, art and performances

Aug 30, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Music, Spots
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What exactly is a social platform? We all know Facebook, but this is about a place a bit more practical. A place were you exchange more than likes, more than pictures, more than the Facebook friends you probably only saw once or twice. I’m talking about De Valreep, an off-line social platform.

From decayed animal shelter to social platform

A month ago, a group of a hundred squatters gathered to reclaim a former animal shelter (dating from 1887) in the corner of the Oostpoort. Its monumental status kept the building from destruction, but its decay left the neighbourhood unhappy. A collective decided to renovate the place and turn it into a platform where people can meet and inspire each other. A place where music, art, performances and other social activities are easily mixed and enjoyed with cheap but proper food & drinks.

Right now they’re still getting everything into shape, but De Valreep already has a very characteristic raw, yet laid-back and inspiring vibe to it that reminds me of Berlin. With a city beach as their neighbour this place will be one of my favourite spots for sure. They’re opening next week to show how their efforts are turning into something nice. With a varied program they hope to grow support for their cause to be allowed to stay.

All the creative help, ideas and enthusiasm is welcome as they are still growing and work is unfinished. If your interested and/or inspired, please let them know and pay a visit. They’re a bunch of easygoing people happy to chat with anyone who likes to share their input. You can read more about how they took the building, dealt with police and inspections and other updates and images here.

De Valreep opening

Where: Polderweg 620
When: September 3th, 14:00-21:30
Price: FREE!
Facebook: Event page

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