Independent films in World Cinema Amsterdam

Independent films in World Cinema Amsterdam

Aug 13, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event
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I love watching films. Who doesn’t? And I love to watch non-Hollywood and non-American film even more, just to feel different. Listening to a language I can’t understand for two hours, enjoying a different view to the world and getting to know another country through its films. This year’s World Cinema Amsterdam is exactly this kind of festival. It’s going to show ‘the best independent films from Latin America, Asia and Africa’, and I’m already watching trailers and reading information to decide which ones are truly worth watching.

Amsterdam is full of festivals and full even of film festivals, so it’s always amazing to watch how much attention and visitors each film festival gets. While Pluk de Nacht is still going on and their entrance is free, World Cinema Amsterdam does require a fee, although there are several discounts and packages. If you really have zero cents in your pocket, don’t worry – there is still World Cinema Amsterdam Open Air which is completely for free! Be careful though, not all films are in English (or with English subtitles)!

A few suggestions:

August 10 & 11 – Iranian film “A Separation” – winner of the Golden Bear (2011 Berlin Film Festival)

August 13 & 14 – Jamaican film “Ghett’a Life”

August 11, 13 & 15 – Indian film “Dhobi Ghat (Mumbai Diaries)”

World Cinema Amsterdam

Date: August 10-21
Location: Rialto, Ceintuurbaan 338
Tickets: 9 EUR (normal), 7,50 EUR (students), 35 EUR (five tickets), free (with Cineville pass)

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