Devour an expired dinner at Mediamatic

Devour an expired dinner at Mediamatic

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How strong is your stomach? Can your appetite handle old squishy melons and sweaty mushrooms? Maybe you’d start to consider this half rotten meal if it were to be prepared by a Michelin-starred chef. Take the test and see for yourself at Mediamatic’s new adventure: Passed-by-best-before-eat-before-sell-by-date-gone-bad Dining Club, a.k.a. The Expiration Date Dinners.

This whole new concept is about awareness; making people realize the possibilities in food that has passed its sell by date. Everyone is asked to bring whatever he or she can find at their local supermarket or grocery store that would otherwise be chucked in the bin out back. Then the task is for the chef, proud owner two Michelin stars Pascal Jalhay, and his assistants to prove their worth in the kitchen. Of course with a little help from the diners with washing, chopping and dicing.

Overdatum - Expiration Date Dinner

Expiration inspiration

A very diverse crowd brings a variety of food to the table, literally. Within minutes, while everyone is getting to know their table buddies and enjoying their first drink, the chefs think up a very spontaneous menu. Then it’s time to get your own hands dirty, with a few pointers along the way from the professionals.

The whole evening gives you the chance to meet some interesting people, get a few handy cooking tips and serves as an eye-opener to what you can still do with nearly rotting food. Just as a small teaser, here’s what we had for dinner last time (for the vegetarians out there; you’re taken care of):

Starter – Spinach and bacon wrapped in a pancake topped with croutons and a fish sauce.

Main Course- A tomato stew with sautéed mushrooms, boiled string beans, spiced cauliflower, boiled potatoes with herbs and topped off with boiled fennel.

Dessert – Diced “fresh” fruit in a melon soup with basil yoghurt and a banana mousse with caramel.

It was the third edition of this unique dining club, so there are still three chances left to join in yourself.

The Details:

Location: Mediamatic BANK, Vijzelstraat 68
Date: 9, 16 & 23 August, 17:30
Tickets: Go to the website and click on the edition you’d like to attend, it could even be all of them. Sign in with your Facebook account and ‘Like’ the page. When the reservations open, you get an e-mail from Mediamatic. For the last step you need to go back to the selected edition page via the Mediamatic website and now click the ‘RSVP’ button. Everyone going needs to sign-up individually in the same way. No reservations for your friends unfortunately.
Bring: Whatever you can find that’s past its expiration date!

Photos courtesy of Ernesto Bos

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