The Shift by Rafaël Rozendaal

The shift w139 Rafael Rozendaal

The Shift by Rafaël Rozendaal

Aug 4, 2011 |  by  |  Art
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Art director, designer and photographer in the virtual world. What's in a name.

Rafaël Rozendaal is an internet artist who creates simple, basic animations and interactive websites, which are sold on their individual domain names. I got acquainted with his work on a group exhibit I was part of in The Hague. His work is both simple and seductive in a good way (some of his work: 1, 2, 3). With The Shift Rozendaal currently exhibits in W139, which still has that art academy vibe going on. They show contemporary art and it’s conveniently located in the Red Light District, behind the Beursplein.

Interactive art experience

The Shift does exactly what it says; the exhibition changes the perspective of the work of Rozendaal. In this exhibition you are the work. There’s a gigantic room in the back of W139 which is completely dark and decorated with red laser lights, which gives you a sense of being tracked. Once you enter the pitch black room on your own you hear a giant mosquito buzzing. After moving around you notice that you are the mosquito, you control the sound.

In it’s basic idea and execution, this becomes one big interactive art piece. What makes it even greater is the fact that a gigantic room in the Red Light District (where the ground is expensive) is used for us to become a mosquito. It reminded me of the same kind of craziness I encountered in New York with the Earth Room. 250 cubic yards of earth (197 cubic meters) poured in 3,600 square feet of floor space (335 square meters), and it has been on exhibit since 1980.

Back to the exhibit. Visit The Shift and be the mosquito!

The Shift, the facts:

Location: Warmoesstraat 139
Open: Mon–Sun 12–18hrs
Dates: July 30 until September 11

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