Film freaks get your freak on at Pluk de Nacht!

Film freaks get your freak on at Pluk de Nacht!

Aug 4, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Tonight is the first film première at Pluk de Nacht festival! I’ve been there for the last five years and have been a huge fan since day 1. Pluk de Nacht was started by a couple of friends who liked to visit cult film festivals, because they wanted to share their enthusiasm for films with other film freaks. They held the first edition in 2003 and have become curators of good cinematic taste. Most of the featured films are not exhibited in Dutch cinemas and every inch of Het Stenen Hoofd will be loaded with people staring at the screen again this year.

The most laid-back film festival you’ll find anywhere -The New York Times

Pluk de Nacht is also a stage for starting artists, fun performances and crazy competitions. The night always closes with some nice music and a campfire, and last year they had a short film night with a love theme that ended with a crying game: the first who could let a tear roll down the cheek (without the help of onions, poking your eye or pulling your hair) was the winner of a huge pack of DVDs.

Reserve a chair

Attention regular Pluk de Nacht visitors! They have a new system this year. You can reserve a chair online or donate money when you get there early. This doesn’t mean Pluk has become commercial, and that’s what I like most of all: it remains a free outdoor festival realized by many volunteers. Get there before dusk because the place will be packed faster then you can say Amsterdam-open-air-cult-film-festival-Pluk-de-Nacht.

The facts:

Where: Het Stenen Hoofd, Westerdoksdijk (10 minute walk from Central Station)
Prices: Free, but if you like a chair you have to make a donation
Open: Films start off at dusk
Date: From August 4 to 13
Programme: Pluk’s website

Some trailers to tickle your mind:

Friday August 4th- Philip Seymour Hoffman’s first go at directing are on screen:

Thuesday August 9th- Danish counterpart of the popular French film Un prophète. Not as popular, but seems very worthwhile:

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