Meet and Eat: Dine in darkness at ctaste

Meet and Eat: Dine in darkness at ctaste

Jul 29, 2011 |  by  |  Spots
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I like unusual places, with unusual food and an unusual atmosphere. Restaurant Ctaste, where you dine in the dark, is such a place. I found out about Ctaste two years ago during the annual Restaurant Week, so with three friends we went over for a dinner. We had fun eating tasty dishes and guessing what exactly they were, discussing how people feel when they are blind all their lives and admiring the work of waiters, who not only serve you dishes in the complete dark, but are all also either partially or completely blind themselves.

It is not a cheap place, but a few weeks ago I went there again – this time I wanted to show it to my boyfriend. For his birthday I took him to ice-cream tasting, where we tried four different ice-creams and afterwards tried to guess their tastes. 50% were correct!

What do I like the most about it? At first – it is unusual as mentioned before. Then – I love the idea of eating something I have no idea about. Furthermore – it is a good feeling thinking that waiters there are doing a perfect job for them, and I can support it by going and eating there. Last, but not least – I do not need to worry how will I look while eating or if I have nice clothes, nobody sees it anyway!

I am sure I will go there again for another experience with more people. Maybe for a Sunday brunch when my family comes over? Or for beer tasting with crazy friends? Just need to find a special moment for that, as it is obviously not a place for random dining out!

Restaurant ctaste

Location: Amsteldijk 55, 1074 HX
Prices: Dinner – €39,50, Ice tasting – €20, Chocolate tasting – €27,50, High Wine/High Beer – €22, Sunday brunch – €25

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