Next Monday’s Hangover: Innervisions, 12InchCity FLOAT, Oi!, Trouw op Zondag & Shoeless After

Jul 27, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Too many plans for the weekend? Let me narrow your options down by weekly suggesting the events where you can meet, dance and drink with Amsterdam’s finest crowds. After all, ‘a hangover ain’t worth the pain if the party is lame’. So here’s where you weekend warriors should go to for next Monday’s hangover.

Friday: Innervisions – Pitch Black Edition @ Trouw

It’s almost weekend and there ain’t no better way to start it off with than one of Trouw’s last parties of the season with none other than Innervisions taking over with Dixon ALL NIGHT LONG! Actually, I had the privilege to experience the guy (as ‘mystery guest’) behind the decks at Trouw not so long ago after Awakefest and he made me want to dance and make babies at the same time. I can seriously recommend to go see the guy if you don’t have plans yet. Pitch Black Edition means all lights will be off, fyi.

Saturday: 12InchCity FLOAT Festival 2011 @ NDSM Docks

For those of you who don’t know, 12 inch is the size of a vinyl record. The art of DJing with vinyl records is probably still the most respected kind. Each time the guys behind 12inchCity throw an event, it’s related to a specific city (Berlin, New York, Detroit, Amsterdam, etc). That explains the name of the organization. This summer these guys are throwing a festival inspired by sun, boats, docks and water: a few of the key elements when thinking of summer and festivals. According to 12inchCity, the dream of having a festival at this perfect location has finally come true. To be specific, the festival will be held at the pier between the Pollux and the infamous ‘lightship’ close to the NDSM docks of northern Amsterdam. You can rave on the pier or take a walk on the boats to the BPMs of Marcus Meinhardt, Sven & Tettero, Estroe, William Kouam Djoko, Onno and the remaining 12inchCity residents. If you have energy left, there’s an after party.

Saturday: Oi! Mini Fest @ Tolhuistuin

Throughout the years Oi! has grown towards the most important Dutch protagonist surrounding dub-related parties. Now, for the first time, these guys decided to throw their first dub festival at Paradiso’s summer hangout called Tolhuistuin. Music’s by British heroes J-Kenzo, Lost, and the Oi! residents Gomez and Brutuzz, to name a few. The second stage will be hosted by the men behind The Grind to complete a marvellous day for all dub lovers around Amsterdam.

Sunday: Trouw op Zondag – Zomerstop @ Trouw

Before I start naming the acts, I regret to inform you that Trouw will be closed for a month after this event, to renew the venue and work on some future plans for us club heads around Amsterdam. No more elaboration on this closing party, here’s the list of people performing on this wonderful Sunday: Soundstream & Prosumer (Panorama Bar, OstGut, Berlin), Melon, 360, William Kouam Djoko & Boris Werner, Sandrien, Cinnaman, San Proper, Olaf Boswijk & Job Jobse. It’s not even about the music, Trouw op Zondag has been my favourite format within Trouw’s list of events for the last year. Just go support your local scene!

Sunday: Shoeless Open Air After Party @ Rijk van de Keizer

“The only party where you have to hand in not just your jacket, but also your shoes at the wardrobe”. Although the open air event has been sold out for a while there are still a few tickets available for their after party. No clue what their line-up will be yet, but previous editions showed us that our friends Arjuna Schiks and Olivier Weiter love to play at these barefoot events. If you’re into raving you might want to consider tech house and toes this after. See beneath for an impression of last year’s fun.

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